Verizon Texts Delayed

January 13th, 2015 - No Responses

My Verizon texts delayed to T-Mobile customer. Sent texts (not iMessage) to friend with T-Mobile. They didn’t arrive for a few hours. Verizon says it’s T-Mobile’s fault.

1/20/15 – At some point in trying to resolve this, Verizon said that I have less than ideal coverage (here in inner NE Portland), and that’s why I’ve had so many troubles. At least that ticket report gets me out of my contract.

Frustrating Apple Day

December 31st, 2014 - Comments Off

Safari Failure

Filling out paperwork for new agency. Finally had to launch Windows after not being able to get it to work on the required OSX Safari and Adobe Reader combination…on both my MBPro and my iMac.

iCloud Drive Problems

iCloud Drive isn’t syncing. Had to do steps on my MBPro and iMac to get one file to show up. Luckily, I only use it for Text Edit, and I have lots of alternatives. I currently use Copy as my primary cloud sync, as I move away from Dropbox [who brought Condoleezza Rice (who should be investigated for war crimes) onto their board of directors]. I also have SpiderOak, which I don’t use much. I’m sure I have a few other cloud sync systems, but how many does a guy need?

Verizon: Call Waiting Doesn’t Always Work

December 17th, 2014 - Comments Off

Verizon says that call waiting doesn’t always work on their network.

CDMA and GSM send a different signals, and sometimes it doesn’t work. Verizon says part of the responsibility is Apple’s. The voice network of CDMA. The other functions, like call forwarding, voicemail, are not set up to work all the time.  Verizon ticket #: NRB000007484367.




Verizon Texting Problem, Redux

December 17th, 2014 - Comments Off

Dec. 1 texts didn’t go through. Seen on Dec. 3. From Verizon’s end, they don’t look any different. Putting in a network ticket, NRB000007484367. To Sprint.

1/13/15 – Checked back on another call. Marginal coverage area in the middle of Portland. Indication of delays.

Upgrade to Yosemite from Mavericks OSX 10.9 to 10.10

November 12th, 2014 - Comments Off

Surprise Upgrade to Yosemite OSX 10.10

When I upgraded my iMac and MBPro last year to Mavericks OSX 10.9, I thought it would be the last OS upgrade on my aging hardware. Turns out that Yosemite can also run on it, so I’m going to give it a try. Choosing to upgrade to Yosemite makes sense if I’ll see the same improvements that I got from Leopard to Snow Leopard.

I made a clean install (formatted hard drive) when I installed Mavericks, so I won’t do that when I upgrade to Yosemite. A clean install is always a good idea after a series of upgrades. Though I skipped Lion and Mountain Lion, I’d been having weird problems that were difficult to track down. A clean install can help those problems go away…only if they are related to the OS.

Early 2008 Macbook Pro

Right-away delay when I was ready to upgrade to Yosemite. Time Machine could not do an incremental backup on one of its external drives, so I had to format the drive. Now I have to do a full backup for safety. I have on-going backups on my network drive.

This Macbook Pro has been going downhill. It’s worst fault is wireless connectivity. If it’s on a jiggly table, it will start to have connectivity problems. I can move it, handle it in bed, etc., without losing connection, but vibration just kills it. The only way to successfully connect is to restart it. It’s a pain the ass.  Sometimes, I wish I’d bought one of the remaining 17″ MBPros when they were still in the Refurbished store. I’m guessing at this point, I’m going to have to get a 15″ MBPro. People say that having retina display makes the difference. I guess I’ll find out.

So there’s been a big delay in my part in making this upgrade. Been having iPhone issues that are more important.


Downloading and installing Mavericks: 5.16GB file. Windows is doing an update in the background while I download the file.

Installation seemed to go fine. Apple Mail sent a bunch of notifications about adding mail accounts. Hopefully my Mail trouble will go away.  Hate the Yosemite Finder icon’s smile. Used to be Mona Lisa mysterious. Now it’s a cheesy grin. The interwebs provide enough cheesy, and I can catch it when I want. This is always there in my Dock.

Now, to live with my upgrade to Yosemite for a while, before I update my early 2008 iMac.

11/24/11 Wireless Trouble in OSX Yosemite

I have on-going wireless trouble in OSX Yosemite, so much so that I’m having to keep an ethernet connection all the time I need to be online. Ug.

 1/20/15 Improving Wireless in Yosemite.=

I took several steps I found online (links long since lost) that seemed to make a bit of an improvement in the wifi on my MacBook Pro with Yosemite. Still have it hardwired when I can.

Early 2008 iMac

I’m actually excited to upgrade to Yosemite on this computer. Except for the failing hard drive problems, this iMac has been rock solid. Yes, the screen continues to have burn-in problems, but they don’t affect the functionality of the computer. Upgrading to 6GB of RAM gave it more life, as did adding a 750GB hybrid drive. However, truth be told, this machine has been long in the tooth for a while. I’ve half suspected the software. I don’t expect that this upgrade to Yosemite will fix much of that. I’m hoping that it will fix whatever is wrong with Apple Mail.

 1/20/15 Update on iMac Upgrade to OSX Yosemite

At some point, I just jumped in and did an upgrade to Yosemite on my iMac. I was having so many problems with Apple Mail in Mavericks that I had to do something. So far, it’s made Apple Mail more stable, and I’ve had no other fallout from the upgrade.


Verizon Texting Wonky on iPhone 5S

October 26th, 2014 - Comments Off

25 minutes with Verizon.

Others don’t always receive my texts.

Solution is new SIM card (to which I say HA!)


Apple Visual Voicemail Problems

October 26th, 2014 - Comments Off

Trouble with voicemail arriving hours after the call.
Verizon says that Apple Visual Voicemail is likely the problem. They had me power off.  Refreshed settings for the device.

“I don’t foresee it happening again.”

31 minutes

Earlier call = 23 minutes


AirPlay: Easy Connect, So-so Quality

September 1st, 2014 - Comments Off

Just had a chance to connect with AirPlay from my iPhone 5S to a 2nd generation Apple TV at a family member’s house. The hardest part was figuring out where to connect via AirPlay. I went on iOS to Music. No luck. I asked Siri to open iTunes, since Apple Online Support suggested it was in iTunes. A little digging outside of Apple’s site revealed that I have to do the upward swipe to get to the shortcut menu. There lives AirPlay. Connecting to one of their three possible connections was easy as selecting it.

Once connected, I found the quality fine, until it dropped out for a fraction of a second. Repeat. It’s an annoying way to listen to music.

iPhone iMessages coming from address, not Apple ID

August 22nd, 2014 - Comments Off

iMessage Problems

I started getting feedback that my iPhone messages were coming from, not whatever it used to come under. I think it changed when I signed up for a new email address. Apple automatically switched the default account. Ug.

This is after a few months of another problem with Messages.

case # 651612592
Started with chat with Ross, then a call, then to senior advisor, Mary.
Apple chat suggested it was a prank. I suggested it was an Apple prank.
My Apple ID is not that email address.
Troubleshooting iMessage settings.

Waiting for iMessage to activate. Can take a while.

Call back when iMessage activates.
877 416-4271 x63606

Called back. Left message and sent email.

She called back! Further testing revealed that it’s working. The downside? Everyone with the wrong ID will continue to get the wrong ID until they delete the thread. Ug.


iPhone will not use iMessage

March 19th, 2014 - Comments Off

Case #: 590270166 Chatting with Michael in support on my iPhone. Tedious chatting with unclear communication on his part. Then, Apple pulled a trick. They asked me to restart my phone. It occurred to me that I should ask, but thought, that, since I bought into a closed system, it would just work. After all, I was chatting with Apple, in Apple Safari, and on an iPhone. They must know what they are talking about. Of course, when I restarted, the chat did not resume.

New case for voice call: 590170174

After 7 minutes, going to second level support. Jim D. 1 hour Gave him old iMessage case # from December, which is when I started getting overages in my texts from Verizon. My phone number was not registered with iMessage, but now it is. And my emails were not registered on my iphone, but now they are. Red message from December was because of my Apple Airport Extreme router. Router had turned off iMessage for phone. Getting error messages even when successfully sending and receiving iMessages. Verizon messaging is the problem. Suggested that I may well need to reset my iPhone, to which I say, “again?”

Jim called back. I confirmed that Cellular was on, that I normally get 4G, and that Roaming was Voice Only. When going in to Settings->General->About, Carrier is Verizon 16.0, but we discovered that the whole Carrier line disappears when touched. Will reappear by going to General then back to About.

3/20/14 877 203-0418 1160475 Jim/engineers have questions. Confirmed “You can be reached by iMessage at” 4 addresses.

Reported duplicate texts 1 SMS & 1 iMessage.

Sent a bunch of iPhone screen shots with times showing. Try holding the messages to the left (to reveal the time) while doing a screen shot (power button & home button).


Email instructions:

  1. Download and install iPhone Configuration Utility (iPCU) from .
  2. Launch IPCU.
  3. Connect the iOS device to the computer.
  4. Restart the iOS device.
  5. Click the device on the left hand side under Devices.
  6. Choose clear on the bottom left to clear the current logs.
  7. Reproduce the issue.
  8. Click “Save Console As” at the bottom (not File > Save As) and name this case number you’re working with.  Ensure you save this as a .txt file.

Needed to download the Mavericks version, which doesn’t allow these instructions to be followed.

Called and was disconnected from senior advisor.

Calling again. After 21 minutes, they determined that they can not help me. There’s a follow up with engineering. Have to wait until I have time Monday or later.


Called Jim, who called me back. No news from Cody, the engineer who has this as a project. “Difficult Issue”


Chris Watson, AppleCare
877-388-0879 Ext. 40291

Call from Chris in Austin who has me install a program to start a log that will gather data about my messages. Everything still reverts to text messages even when it says it’s sending an iMessage.
Giving Verizon more money by sending text messages so that Apple can have a log of the problem.