Protecting Your Bike

June 27th, 2008

An article with some techniques for making a bike less desirable looking with the thought that it might not get stolen if there are nicer bike around.

Looks and performance have no exclusive relationship.

Polliwog’s Back Door Poem Welcomes Me Home

June 8th, 2008

While I was away, Polliwog set himself to the task of writing using every word in my magnetic word list. The back door is metal, so I’d put all the words up there. Here it is, with my interpretation of some of the punctuation.

Once there was a sad man. He thought that he would feel super if he were with a hot, naked boy but when he would kiss one his thing throbbed ferociously like a dog.
I never bring my stiff thing with me when I go to have sex. I always surround my vast fly with extra soft grass so that men will desire to squirm all over it.
I asked my hole once in the morning how can you be so wet and open. Every fresh, young god who makes my bone growl is an angel with a velvet breath. I remember it like a lingering smell of smoked fish, how two wild prisoners worked a slow healing rhythm all over my fat red tree in their moist hands. I have always tasted delicious come which is mostly salty candy.
Women open the picture window to look at the sky soon after they change from corduroy underwear. You are childish and selfish but peaceful and broken.
Every cat ate warm cake and caramel melon at the steaming pool of greend. She is anti animal from her bellowing father and brilliant brothers.
Most questions about women you belly laughs.
They mistrusted sacred poison drinks never from above but only from the ocean did our translucent streams of magic come. We dance in this heart circle to pick out who will devour only one decaying bug. Daughters celebrate by bleeding from bathing in homes of concrete and steel. Perhaps she is hardly pierced; she must embrace her son and give him perfumed flowers to put in her glass of champagne. Reunited sisters explore this dark and melting universe.
My theory can be said in two useless words: fisting and seeping.
Joyce could have dazzled them by learning to dislike woman on cyber but she never let her colorful feline voice go away. Yesterday, Miss Marble did not think about Ms. Knight or go hyper from knowing more secret.
Downhearted baby girl, I think you may like to live in a free city, but it will haunt you almost as soon as you listen for those lifeless breezes..
Through coldish porcelain subways, we must give cloudy presentation of our notion of education erosion. We like to make them see why, after we sail above fire, we wake as if reborn. I am worrying though he smiled at me.
She misused her rotary needle by beating you up. Today poster stars blush more than retro air men.
Mr. Congo has asked for ice and cut pie for after jive time. He asked here! Then up there! Then like turboville a city of blue jism is put here.
Let it be said; may he not say lies, not ask for use of likely zones but blaze it bring my do do web.
Billy & nelly said it.
It is one rat. Man as a kramer.

California Marriage Case – What Caught my Eye Toward the Beginning

May 15th, 2008

From the Legal Opinion (pdf)

…the legal issue we must resolve is not whether it would be constitutionally permissible under the California Constitution for the state to limit marriage only to opposite-sex couples while denying same-sex couples any opportunity to enter into an official relationship with all or virtually all of the same substantive attributes, but rather whether our state Constitution prohibits the state from establishing a statutory scheme in which both opposite-sex and same-sex couples are granted the right to enter into an officially recognized family relationship that affords all of the significant legal rights and obligations traditionally associated under state law with the institution of marriage, but under which the union of an opposite-sex couple is officially designated a “marriage” whereas the union of a same-sex couple is officially designated a “domestic partnership.” The question we must address is whether, under these circumstances, the failure to designate the official relationship of same-sex couples as marriage violates the California Constitution.

It also is important to understand at the outset that our task in this proceeding is … only to determine whether the difference in the official names of the relationships violates the California Constitution…the constitutional validity of the current legislative provisions.

Although, as an historical matter, civil marriage and the rights associated with it traditionally have been afforded only to opposite-sex couples, this court’s landmark decision 60 years ago in Perez v. Sharp (1948) 32 Cal.2d 7114 — which found that California’s statutory provisions prohibiting interracial marriages were inconsistent with the fundamental constitutional right to marry, notwithstanding the circumstance that statutory prohibitions on interracial marriage had existed since the founding of the state — makes clear that history alone is not invariably an appropriate guide for determining the meaning and scope of this fundamental constitutional guarantee. The decision in Perez, although rendered by a deeply divided court, is a judicial opinion whose legitimacy and constitutional soundness are by now universally recognized.
…we conclude that, under this state’s Constitution, the constitutionally based right to marry properly must be understood to encompass the core set of basic substantive legal rights and attributes traditionally associated with marriage that are so integral to an individual’s liberty and personal autonomy that they may not be eliminated or abrogated by the Legislature or by the electorate through the statutory initiative process.
…our state now recognizes …that an individual’s sexual orientation — like a person’s race or gender — does not constitute a legitimate basis upon which to deny or withhold legal rights.

There’s lots good to read, and I just got to the first 10 pages.

Another Brief Update

April 12th, 2008

I’m writing from Ontario, California, where the parking lot of the Denny’s nearby is full on a Saturday night.

  • I did not apply for work in Antarctica this year. I want to be home for a while. (Even as I enter my second week of a six week road trip…)
  • I’m headed next to Albuquerque for a 5-day panchakarma treatment at the Auyervedic Institute.
  • Still not sure who I am voting for. (If you want the correct English, I think it would be this: Still not sure for whom I am voting.)
  • Today, this very day, I saw for the first time the Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon video “I’m fuckin’ Matt Damon.” I must be getting old.
  • I’m really enjoying life these days, except for being a little run down. There’s so much to do, who has time to sleep?

Antarctica Update: Standby

September 28th, 2007

Well, things couldn’t be better. I accepted an offer as an Alternate. I passed my medical and dental qualifications (PQ), my background check (marching in a few protests didn’t mess me up), and all the other stuff they do.
Getting past all these hurdles is great news. Although it doesn’t make sense for me to go to the ice this year, I am much closer to going when it does make sense.

Rumi Quote

September 16th, 2007

“People who renounce desire
often turn, suddenly,
into hypocrites!”
From Two Ways of Running The Essential Rumi
Translations by Coleman Barks with John Moyne.

Funny I should run into this with Larry Craig in the news.

I Closed

April 24th, 2007

I closed escrow yesterday. I now own a huge debt that comes along with a great, 2 bedroom condo. My place is in NE Portland, Oregon, in a 1911 building with four units, all recently converted. Pictures.
Escrow was very long and went a few days over 30. But now that’s over. It wasn’t rough, or tough, or anything unexpected. It was just a lot of waiting for other people to do their jobs.
My first task is finishing the newly renovated kitchen. I’m actually glad that I get to finish it. I don’t really want to spend the money, but now’s the time to do it.
I will, after what have become 5 long years, have a home base. I plan to work quickly toward making it a home.

Day Trip to Denver

April 15th, 2007

My 12-hour trip to Denver was certainly not ecologically justified. There’s no way to justify it, but I went anyway. I am applying again to work in Antarctica.
On Friday, April 13, I flew from San Jose to Denver for the Polar Services Job Fair. I had already applied for the job I wanted, Computer Tech, plus a couple of other backup positions. The purpose of going to the job fair this year seemed to me to prove my level of interest in the job and in working in Antarctica. I learned what I needed to know last year at the same fair.
A light, non-sticking snow was falling in Denver when I arrived. I made my way, with some difficulty founded on bad directions, to the suburban Centennial building. I talked with the people I needed to, including some people for backup positions, hung around a bit, then headed back to the airport. I caught an earlier flight back to San Jose and that was that.
The job would be working for Raytheon, who is the contractor for the services for the National Science Foundation. Raytheon’s not exactly in alignment with my values, but the world is not a simple place.


April 2nd, 2007

I can’t believe I’m going to be able to settle down. I’m very excited. I look at pictures of my new place and can imagine living there. I look at all the space and think, Wow! I’ll have room to live. I can read in one room, eat in the other, have my office in another and sleep in a different one. It feels like such a luxury. It is a luxury.
I will have a roommate, so it’s not all my own. Even then, it is luxury. I’m due to close April 19th. I’ll give more information once it’s final.

No CDT This Year

March 24th, 2007

I’m not going to finish the CDT this year. Instead, I’m buying a condo in Portland. It absolutely feels like the right thing to do. My nomadic existence for the last 5 years have been, for the most part, rewarding. I’ve enjoyed geographic freedom; being able to choose my times to work hard and times to not work at all; and being under no one’s thumb but my own.
And 2006 ended in a crash. It suddenly stopped being fun. Words, thoughts and gut told me HOME, get a home. I’ve been bouncing between living in San Francisco, Santa Cruz or Portland. I finally decided on Portland, and, as an added bonus, I can afford to buy there.
Not hiking feels right. Portland feels right. My new place feels right.