My Apple Nightmare: A Personal Note

A while back, when it looked like my switch to a Mac was going to be a nightmare, and not the bliss filled love fest I somehow thought it would be, I started my Switching to a Mac blog, mostly to serve as my accessible memory with a timeline for all the cases and issues. Just to say it: I couldn’t keep these records on my computers, because they have been so fritzy. Online was a much better solution.

Today was the best and worst of days with the whole situation.

Background, if you don’t care to read a summary of the details, my 24″ iMac died on Friday, Halloween, after never really working the way I thought it should. I spent 9 months on the phone with Apple. (Yes, it feels like 9 months, but I did hang up to shower occasionally.) While on the phone Friday with the highest level Apple technical support, the iMac finally gave up the ghost. The hard drive failed. I’d been telling them, “It’s the hard drive.” since at least July. They replaced my machine yesterday, using data from a 3-week old TimeMachine backup (since I took one step they suggested, I hadn’t been able to both keep my legacy TimeMachine backup and begin a new TimeMachine backup. I chose to keep my data.) This morning, I discovered that most of my email was missing.
I called the Apple store that supposedly restored my data. I was livid and enraged, but managing to hold it together. The guy I spoke with said something that tipped me over the edge. I let go with a primal, unedited, authentic, “I’m so angry” that I think they heard it at the Post Office. I also flailed, ripping the headset out of my phone. I am sorry the guy had to hear it.
I let it rip from an uncensored place and the world did not fall apart. While what I expressed today is not something I want to express often, it’s not something I want to spend a lifetime suppressing either.

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