5th-Year PCT hike?

I’ll give you the answer first: I’m not hiking the PCT in 2007.
Gottago’s friendly nudging prompted me to consider hiking the PCT this year, the fifth anniversary of my first PCT hike. I’m still in a place of great reflections, and I still have major decisions to make in my life. I quickly got past all the reasons not to except one: money.
On a day hike last week above Cathedral City, I let Gottago know that I’d do a budget to look at the possibility. That night, all I had to do were what I call the ‘at-home’ numbers, the amount it would cost for expenses off the trail: car & loan payments, health insurance, etc. That number got too big for me to consider going, or to even take the time to figure the on-trail costs. It was a nice dream.

So, I’ll be hiking the CDT in April as planned. (The 2007 PCT hike would have allowed me to finish the CDT, but in October.)

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