Life at Midnight

Little bits to write about. First and most recent:
I dread getting the Pussy card from the Dirty Tarot. I recently pulled the Dirty Tarot out of storage, and tonight asked it to tell me more about buying a house in San Francisco. I pulled one card, and it was the Pussy card. What I resists, persists. It begins “Holy cavern of creation..” and ends “making it happen.” That’s all I really need to know.

I saw my first mountain sheep in California. I was hiking my killer hill above Dancing Sage’s place in the Cove. The strong winter morning sun warmed me as I climbed out of the shade. I spied the big-horned one while we were at the same level (he saw me first), but soon I was above him. Before too long, I was casting a shadow on him as he looked up at me. Very cool.

I worried a little though. As much as I HATE wild animals running from me because of generations’ interaction with hunters, this easy, unpanicked interaction might make this sheep, and its offspring, unafraid when they should be afraid -of a hunter. When I got to the high point in my hour hike, I turned around and soon the sheep and I were suddenly uncomfortably close. I came over a rise, and he was 20′ away. He moved on, unpanicked, but cautious. I’m happy I finally got to see one of these guys.

“Music is my boyfriend” CSS

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