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Protecting Your Bike

Friday, June 27th, 2008

An article with some techniques for making a bike less desirable looking with the thought that it might not get stolen if there are nicer bike around.

Looks and performance have no exclusive relationship.

Polliwog’s Back Door Poem Welcomes Me Home

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

While I was away, Polliwog set himself to the task of writing using every word in my magnetic word list. The back door is metal, so I’d put all the words up there. Here it is, with my interpretation of some of the punctuation.

Once there was a sad man. He thought that he would feel super if he were with a hot, naked boy but when he would kiss one his thing throbbed ferociously like a dog.
I never bring my stiff thing with me when I go to have sex. I always surround my vast fly with extra soft grass so that men will desire to squirm all over it.
I asked my hole once in the morning how can you be so wet and open. Every fresh, young god who makes my bone growl is an angel with a velvet breath. I remember it like a lingering smell of smoked fish, how two wild prisoners worked a slow healing rhythm all over my fat red tree in their moist hands. I have always tasted delicious come which is mostly salty candy.
Women open the picture window to look at the sky soon after they change from corduroy underwear. You are childish and selfish but peaceful and broken.
Every cat ate warm cake and caramel melon at the steaming pool of greend. She is anti animal from her bellowing father and brilliant brothers.
Most questions about women you belly laughs.
They mistrusted sacred poison drinks never from above but only from the ocean did our translucent streams of magic come. We dance in this heart circle to pick out who will devour only one decaying bug. Daughters celebrate by bleeding from bathing in homes of concrete and steel. Perhaps she is hardly pierced; she must embrace her son and give him perfumed flowers to put in her glass of champagne. Reunited sisters explore this dark and melting universe.
My theory can be said in two useless words: fisting and seeping.
Joyce could have dazzled them by learning to dislike woman on cyber but she never let her colorful feline voice go away. Yesterday, Miss Marble did not think about Ms. Knight or go hyper from knowing more secret.
Downhearted baby girl, I think you may like to live in a free city, but it will haunt you almost as soon as you listen for those lifeless breezes..
Through coldish porcelain subways, we must give cloudy presentation of our notion of education erosion. We like to make them see why, after we sail above fire, we wake as if reborn. I am worrying though he smiled at me.
She misused her rotary needle by beating you up. Today poster stars blush more than retro air men.
Mr. Congo has asked for ice and cut pie for after jive time. He asked here! Then up there! Then like turboville a city of blue jism is put here.
Let it be said; may he not say lies, not ask for use of likely zones but blaze it bring my do do web.
Billy & nelly said it.
It is one rat. Man as a kramer.