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I Closed

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

I closed escrow yesterday. I now own a huge debt that comes along with a great, 2 bedroom condo. My place is in NE Portland, Oregon, in a 1911 building with four units, all recently converted. Pictures.
Escrow was very long and went a few days over 30. But now that’s over. It wasn’t rough, or tough, or anything unexpected. It was just a lot of waiting for other people to do their jobs.
My first task is finishing the newly renovated kitchen. I’m actually glad that I get to finish it. I don’t really want to spend the money, but now’s the time to do it.
I will, after what have become 5 long years, have a home base. I plan to work quickly toward making it a home.

Day Trip to Denver

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

My 12-hour trip to Denver was certainly not ecologically justified. There’s no way to justify it, but I went anyway. I am applying again to work in Antarctica.
On Friday, April 13, I flew from San Jose to Denver for the Polar Services Job Fair. I had already applied for the job I wanted, Computer Tech, plus a couple of other backup positions. The purpose of going to the job fair this year seemed to me to prove my level of interest in the job and in working in Antarctica. I learned what I needed to know last year at the same fair.
A light, non-sticking snow was falling in Denver when I arrived. I made my way, with some difficulty founded on bad directions, to the suburban Centennial building. I talked with the people I needed to, including some people for backup positions, hung around a bit, then headed back to the airport. I caught an earlier flight back to San Jose and that was that.
The job would be working for Raytheon, who is the contractor for the services for the National Science Foundation. Raytheon’s not exactly in alignment with my values, but the world is not a simple place.


Monday, April 2nd, 2007

I can’t believe I’m going to be able to settle down. I’m very excited. I look at pictures of my new place and can imagine living there. I look at all the space and think, Wow! I’ll have room to live. I can read in one room, eat in the other, have my office in another and sleep in a different one. It feels like such a luxury. It is a luxury.
I will have a roommate, so it’s not all my own. Even then, it is luxury. I’m due to close April 19th. I’ll give more information once it’s final.