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5th-Year PCT hike?

Friday, February 9th, 2007

I’ll give you the answer first: I’m not hiking the PCT in 2007.
Gottago’s friendly nudging prompted me to consider hiking the PCT this year, the fifth anniversary of my first PCT hike. I’m still in a place of great reflections, and I still have major decisions to make in my life. I quickly got past all the reasons not to except one: money.
On a day hike last week above Cathedral City, I let Gottago know that I’d do a budget to look at the possibility. That night, all I had to do were what I call the ‘at-home’ numbers, the amount it would cost for expenses off the trail: car & loan payments, health insurance, etc. That number got too big for me to consider going, or to even take the time to figure the on-trail costs. It was a nice dream.

So, I’ll be hiking the CDT in April as planned. (The 2007 PCT hike would have allowed me to finish the CDT, but in October.)

Bush Regime Censorship

Friday, February 9th, 2007

From the ACLU site, “Patriot Act is being used to deny visas to foreign scholars whose political views the government disfavors.”
This kind of stuff makes me sick. How can limiting free speech be a form of US patriotism?