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What Time should be Like

Monday, October 10th, 2005

I had a horrible, rushed morning. I didn’t give myself enough time to get to SFO when I departed for Iowa City 6 days ago. The walk to BART took longer than I thought, then BART didn’t come (on my schedule), and on and on. I missed my flight, but got booked on a later flight (at no cost, thank you United) that still allowed me to catch my my connecting flight to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Tom’s parents, Tom & Susie, picked me up at the airport. I arrived as the autumn sun was setting. The air was cold, and the flatness of Iowa offered nothing to stop the slight wind.
I felt comfortable entering Iowa City again, then seeing Tommy’s place, now furnished with family furniture.

The next day, Thursday, Tori, Tom’s sister and Aimee Dowling, Tom’s good friend, arrived. I was in even better company now.
Thursday was Tom’s first public performance of Grey. I was stunned by the work. It was professional-caliber work, not on par with the student work earlier in the nights’ program. I began to discerne a narrative, and quickly understood that I might be in for a full narrative. I was.
We went to Tom’s Friday night performance, opting to skip the first half of the program.
Saturday, lori b. and Andrew, her beau, arrived. Tom’s apartment was growing more crowded, as were the family and friends attending the shows.
I was in charge of the cast party after Saturday’s performance. It was held at Jen & John’s lovely house, a recently purchased and rennovated Victorian. Everybody helped out and it was a great evening. On top of everything Tom was doing and handling, he was also making his first shirt, a sheer rose long sleeve creation. He got it done.

Amy and Tori helped lots with the party and Tom’s folks helped with transportation.
We made chocolate fondue, pesto pasta, a gorgonzolla alfredo pasta, and a great punch.
At some point, Tori, Amy & I sat down with Tom and talked about the work. I don’t remember if lori b. and Andrew were part of this discussion. It was great. His folks were there too.
Sunday night, after a lovely dinner outside next to Tom’s garden