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6/22/05 – Gay Down the Pike

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005

I need to travel more to determine whether this country is worth staying in. Tonight, I don’t feel confident that as a gay American I will ever have equal rights. It will all come down to the Supreme Court, unless the improbably Constitutional amendment occurs.
When it happens, will I be content to start wearing a black armband and a Second Class Citizen t-shirt, or should I just pack my bags and seek political asylum?

I don’t think they’ll try to keep me. They want us to leave. They’ll open the gates and be rid of the blighters.

But more of us will come. They will be born into families rich and poor, black and white, conservative and liberal, those with book smarts and those with street smarts. Will future generations of GLBT Americans stay, or will puberty, or genetic testing, let a young woman know that she’s not welcome. Will a gay man be part of the lower caste of US citizens because of who he is?

Will there be an Israel for GLBTs? I hope not.

Sticking around and being pesky is what’s called for, but is it worth it? Could I ever move away from the anger? Reframe the rejection as an opportunity for articulate, effective demonstrations of love and compassion? It’s not a challenge I want to face tonight.

6/13/05-Dear Mom

Monday, June 13th, 2005

I drove down from Wolf Creek, Oregon, today with friend Marty. Tomorrow, early, I leave for Southern California via Amtrak. I’ll be there until June 29. I have a day in the Bay Area, then go up to Willits, California, for an 8-day workshop. I don’t know what I’ll be doing the week after that, but I hope it involves making money.
I’m doing well.

6/1/05 – Novato, CA

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

Switched days around with a client so that I didn’t have to rush back to Santa Cruz on Friday. I’m working on Thursday instead and with the last-minute change staying with step-sister Karen and her family in Novato.
Life has been great. I extended my time in Santa Cruz staying at the Locust Street House. I had a quiet birthday: I got a massage from Andrew at the Community Bodywork Center at 418 then hung around 418 then Shane’s (my old house) for the wireless benefits. Kim gave me some pink hair for extensions, then I left for 418 again. The Jumping Monkey Café has just opened for business, and I met Shane and Eli there for dinner.

Today I went to Matt’s Contemplative Dance practice, again at 418, at 8AM. For half an hour, we meditated. The meditation started with just Matt and I, but people came in as the time progressed. We then moved into half an hour of personal warm up, which was stretching, grounding, and other stuff. The final half hour was movement. Ken and I moved into some slow contact improv that was powerful and intimate. I was very comfortable being close to him.

Ken, Matt and I had a yummy breakfast at Zachary’s, one of the best restaurant places I know, then I went thrift store shopping for stuff for the Naraya. I need light clothes for dancing, Wolf Creek needs plates, bowls and mugs, and visiting the thrifts stores in Santa Cruz is always good. I also bought a new wig for Helvetica. It’s the same one before I curled it, before the burn at my first Burning Man, and before years of pratfalls and other abuse.

In the midst of that, I got a chiropractic adjustment from the Community Bodywork Center at 418. Boy were my hips out. I noticed my improved walking immediately. I went because two ribs were out. Those got fixed too, plus some other stuff. This guy’s good and cheaper than my other SC chiropractor.

Back at Matt’s I painted my toe nails, a long-overdue task. I use seven or eight colors and get the most diverse set of nails I can muster.