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PCP and Pole Dancing: A Portland Evening

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

The Portland Cello Project had a free concert tonight at the John Ross building. The small crowd in the small space had sold out in 4 hours.
While I was there, I got a message from Jen. She invited me to the Lucky Devil Lounge. Her classmates were giving pole dancing recitals. After the PCP concert, I headed to the east side of the Ross Island Bridge and saw the red sign. It looked like what it was: a strip club. The parking lot was full so I had to drive into the industrial area to park, adding to the experience. I parked next to a dairy, fully aware of the irony.
Today a friend send me an email with a quote from a play that focused on being “Gay-Ready,” ready to undergo the scrutiny of gay taste at any moment. No ‘just running to the store.’ Gay-Ready means put together at all times. As I was driving to the Lucky Devil, it occurred to me that I had a gay-ready shirt on. In fact, it’s an out-and out gay shirt. Luckily, I had a fairly plain t-shirt on and my jacket was invisible. As I thought about getting “Straight-Ready,” it occurred to me that I might have a baseball cap in the car. I did. Perfect.
Being straight-ready means blending in, thus eluding the scrutiny of straight people.
Without gay shame or self-judgment about wearing a hat indoors, I went in the club and quickly found Jen. A recital means the women’s bits are covered. It’s more about technique, which involves being sexy and/or slutty, demonstrating flexibility, clonking tall plastic shoes together, flinging hair, and using upper body strength to keep one’s self from falling. (It could be argued that flinging hair and clonking shoes is sexy and/or slutty, and therefore redundant.)
During recitals clothes can come off, but the bits stay covered. Recital night has a crowd wild with other female classmates and teachers screaming and throwing money. Boyfriends and other guys rounded out the crowd. Lucky Devil Lounge was out of tri-tip, the only thing on the menu that looked appealing. The whole thing is so weird.

Snapshot. Want. Do. Home

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

I’m afraid I will forget this stuff if I don’t write it down.
Early April:
Leave Portland for Santa Cruz. Stop a Dad’s in Weed for a night.
Work on site in Scotts Valley for a client for a work week.
Drive to Ontario, CA, spend the night and fly to Albuquerque.
Albuquerque: Visit Steve, get panchakarma, fly back to Ontario.
Drive to the Palm Springs area, work a few days, then head south east of San Diego to the ADZPCTKO with Gottago. See other trail friends.
Drive Gottago and La Zorra to beginning of CDT in the boot heel of New Mexico. Leave them in the middle of nowhere. I head to Tucson.
I’d planned to stay 10 days in Tucson, but somewhere on the trip I learned my brother would be getting out of the physical rehab hospital. So only a few days after arriving, I flew from Tucson to Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, where I had mild weather, and a wonderful time taking care of my brother. Fly back to Tucson on my birthday.
I drive 800+ miles from Tucson to Santa Cruz on June 1 after seeing David and Norbert off on the train in Tucson.
Another week on site in Scotts Valley for the same client.
Arrive home the same day that David and Norbert arrive on the train, after a Bay Area visit.
Drive to Portland, stay a few days, then head to Eugene for a 5-day spirituality seminar.
July brought word of my mom’s cancer, so early August finds me in Monterey, helping her recover from surgery.

Another Brief Update

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

I’m writing from Ontario, California, where the parking lot of the Denny’s nearby is full on a Saturday night.

  • I did not apply for work in Antarctica this year. I want to be home for a while. (Even as I enter my second week of a six week road trip…)
  • I’m headed next to Albuquerque for a 5-day panchakarma treatment at the Auyervedic Institute.
  • Still not sure who I am voting for. (If you want the correct English, I think it would be this: Still not sure for whom I am voting.)
  • Today, this very day, I saw for the first time the Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon video “I’m fuckin’ Matt Damon.” I must be getting old.
  • I’m really enjoying life these days, except for being a little run down. There’s so much to do, who has time to sleep?

I Closed

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

I closed escrow yesterday. I now own a huge debt that comes along with a great, 2 bedroom condo. My place is in NE Portland, Oregon, in a 1911 building with four units, all recently converted. Pictures.
Escrow was very long and went a few days over 30. But now that’s over. It wasn’t rough, or tough, or anything unexpected. It was just a lot of waiting for other people to do their jobs.
My first task is finishing the newly renovated kitchen. I’m actually glad that I get to finish it. I don’t really want to spend the money, but now’s the time to do it.
I will, after what have become 5 long years, have a home base. I plan to work quickly toward making it a home.

Day Trip to Denver

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

My 12-hour trip to Denver was certainly not ecologically justified. There’s no way to justify it, but I went anyway. I am applying again to work in Antarctica.
On Friday, April 13, I flew from San Jose to Denver for the Polar Services Job Fair. I had already applied for the job I wanted, Computer Tech, plus a couple of other backup positions. The purpose of going to the job fair this year seemed to me to prove my level of interest in the job and in working in Antarctica. I learned what I needed to know last year at the same fair.
A light, non-sticking snow was falling in Denver when I arrived. I made my way, with some difficulty founded on bad directions, to the suburban Centennial building. I talked with the people I needed to, including some people for backup positions, hung around a bit, then headed back to the airport. I caught an earlier flight back to San Jose and that was that.
The job would be working for Raytheon, who is the contractor for the services for the National Science Foundation. Raytheon’s not exactly in alignment with my values, but the world is not a simple place.


Monday, April 2nd, 2007

I can’t believe I’m going to be able to settle down. I’m very excited. I look at pictures of my new place and can imagine living there. I look at all the space and think, Wow! I’ll have room to live. I can read in one room, eat in the other, have my office in another and sleep in a different one. It feels like such a luxury. It is a luxury.
I will have a roommate, so it’s not all my own. Even then, it is luxury. I’m due to close April 19th. I’ll give more information once it’s final.

No CDT This Year

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

I’m not going to finish the CDT this year. Instead, I’m buying a condo in Portland. It absolutely feels like the right thing to do. My nomadic existence for the last 5 years have been, for the most part, rewarding. I’ve enjoyed geographic freedom; being able to choose my times to work hard and times to not work at all; and being under no one’s thumb but my own.
And 2006 ended in a crash. It suddenly stopped being fun. Words, thoughts and gut told me HOME, get a home. I’ve been bouncing between living in San Francisco, Santa Cruz or Portland. I finally decided on Portland, and, as an added bonus, I can afford to buy there.
Not hiking feels right. Portland feels right. My new place feels right.

5th-Year PCT hike?

Friday, February 9th, 2007

I’ll give you the answer first: I’m not hiking the PCT in 2007.
Gottago’s friendly nudging prompted me to consider hiking the PCT this year, the fifth anniversary of my first PCT hike. I’m still in a place of great reflections, and I still have major decisions to make in my life. I quickly got past all the reasons not to except one: money.
On a day hike last week above Cathedral City, I let Gottago know that I’d do a budget to look at the possibility. That night, all I had to do were what I call the ‘at-home’ numbers, the amount it would cost for expenses off the trail: car & loan payments, health insurance, etc. That number got too big for me to consider going, or to even take the time to figure the on-trail costs. It was a nice dream.

So, I’ll be hiking the CDT in April as planned. (The 2007 PCT hike would have allowed me to finish the CDT, but in October.)

Life at Midnight

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

Little bits to write about. First and most recent:
I dread getting the Pussy card from the Dirty Tarot. I recently pulled the Dirty Tarot out of storage, and tonight asked it to tell me more about buying a house in San Francisco. I pulled one card, and it was the Pussy card. What I resists, persists. It begins “Holy cavern of creation..” and ends “making it happen.” That’s all I really need to know.

I saw my first mountain sheep in California. I was hiking my killer hill above Dancing Sage’s place in the Cove. The strong winter morning sun warmed me as I climbed out of the shade. I spied the big-horned one while we were at the same level (he saw me first), but soon I was above him. Before too long, I was casting a shadow on him as he looked up at me. Very cool.

I worried a little though. As much as I HATE wild animals running from me because of generations’ interaction with hunters, this easy, unpanicked interaction might make this sheep, and its offspring, unafraid when they should be afraid -of a hunter. When I got to the high point in my hour hike, I turned around and soon the sheep and I were suddenly uncomfortably close. I came over a rise, and he was 20′ away. He moved on, unpanicked, but cautious. I’m happy I finally got to see one of these guys.

“Music is my boyfriend” CSS


Monday, January 1st, 2007

My fortune from a cookie:

Allow compassion to guide your decisions.

Great way to start the year.