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Local Hold™ Submitted to Google

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

I posted my idea for Local Hold™ to Google Product Ideas today.

Local Hold allows users to listen to music [short for any audio content] of their own choosing while on hold. The source of the music can be from anywhere, but the default is the music they are listening to when the phone rings, whether it’s a mobile phone, land line, or VOIP.

For years, I’ve longed for a system that would allow me at least two-fold advantage over the current system for hold content. First, I would not have to listen to the crap that most companies subject their customers to. Why they think that people want to listen to inane music interrupted by frequent reminders that they are on hold and, nonetheless, important? I can get stuff done while I’m on hold. Having a human voice interrupt the music reduces my productivity by grabbing my focus, then shifting it to the reason for the call, only to have it be a false alarm.
I have digital content everywhere, and it’s starting to converge. If I’m listening to audio content on my smart phone, that would become my hold music. Laptop? Hold music. Home stereo? Hold music. Car stereo? Hold music. You get the idea.
Second, I like my music. Why should I listen to ads and music selected by Verizon, Apple, Dell, or some local utility or municipality? I shouldn’t. I’m the customer.
I hate to give this idea away because I think it will be vastly popular. However, I don’t have the resources to develop and market it. I, perhaps foolishly, still hold hope that Google will stick with its “Do No Evil” policy and treat my idea with fairness and generosity.
Vote on my idea here. (Requires Google account.)