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Snapshot. Want. Do. Home

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

I’m afraid I will forget this stuff if I don’t write it down.
Early April:
Leave Portland for Santa Cruz. Stop a Dad’s in Weed for a night.
Work on site in Scotts Valley for a client for a work week.
Drive to Ontario, CA, spend the night and fly to Albuquerque.
Albuquerque: Visit Steve, get panchakarma, fly back to Ontario.
Drive to the Palm Springs area, work a few days, then head south east of San Diego to the ADZPCTKO with Gottago. See other trail friends.
Drive Gottago and La Zorra to beginning of CDT in the boot heel of New Mexico. Leave them in the middle of nowhere. I head to Tucson.
I’d planned to stay 10 days in Tucson, but somewhere on the trip I learned my brother would be getting out of the physical rehab hospital. So only a few days after arriving, I flew from Tucson to Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, where I had mild weather, and a wonderful time taking care of my brother. Fly back to Tucson on my birthday.
I drive 800+ miles from Tucson to Santa Cruz on June 1 after seeing David and Norbert off on the train in Tucson.
Another week on site in Scotts Valley for the same client.
Arrive home the same day that David and Norbert arrive on the train, after a Bay Area visit.
Drive to Portland, stay a few days, then head to Eugene for a 5-day spirituality seminar.
July brought word of my mom’s cancer, so early August finds me in Monterey, helping her recover from surgery.

Zero in Lake City

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

I’m in Lake City, which has poor connectivity.  My journal entries for the last week (+) will have to wait.

7/26/05 – Feedback to a stranger

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

[EarthMover, who is a stranger in one of my tribes on, put out this request:

I just posted my original artwork and I am seeking input.
I appreciate all thoughts,ideas and suggestions in regards
to my work.These pieces are not avalible to purchase at this
time .My objective is to glean seeds
of inspiration for future from my tribemembers.Thank you]

Here’s my reply:
Thanks for taking a big chance in asking for feedback with your work. I think it took guts. The work is intriguing in its look and potential. If you are going to present swirly, unclean backgrounds and the idealized, perfect figures, something needs to be resolved in the contrast. Either they need to move toward each other or they need to be more different.

Decreasing the stylistic contrast toward the style of the figure will move the work toward being “pretty” and easy to look at. Increasing the stylistic contrast will make them visually challenging and intellectually challenging.

Here’s what I think the results will be for each direction: if you move the style of the backgrounds closer to the style of the figures. you’ll be making lame and ‘safe’ drawings that stylistically appeal to some people who are seeking a ‘nice, but alternative’ art experience. If you amp up the crazy, surreal, spiritual nature of the background and make the figures even more idealized, soft and appealing, you’ll create a tension that, if done right, could be interesting, challenge the viewer, and appeal to someone who likes art that asks questions.

Decreasing the contrast will make it street faire art; increasing the contrast will make it art gallery art.

Having said all that, I’d be interested in you taking it a step further than the feedback I gave you above: make the work even more challenging. Let the viewer know that it’s a hot, attractive guy, but make the background AND the figure stylized, edgy, visually challenging, and complex. Let the viewer have to find the beauty in the figure after looking it a while. The current images are easy to grok at a glance. That’s easy art. Make hard art. Make your viewer work to see the beauty of the work. They’ll remember the work. If you are lucky, it will haunt them (in a good way).

Don’t make art that’s designed to get your dick hard. Make art that gives the viewer a mental and emotional boner.

Take a look at my friend’s site: Your style is similar to hers, but she doesn’t focus on physical beauty. She’s got her own style and intensity. I think you know the work of Stevee Postman ( Although his work is photo-based, if you don’t know it , you might learn something about the progress of your work by looking at his.

I hope my feedback is the type you were looking for. You have technical skills. Keep on going. Use your skills as the foundation for making art that lets people learn more about themselves, and, therefore, makes the world a better place.