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This trip is part of a larger vision. Having a life that's more aligned with my values is one of my big goals. Leaving my current employer is the start. Having a richer, more connected community is another piece. Having 5-6 months off in my 40th year for reflection and evaluation was the motivation that propelled this trip from a vague, "That would be great to do someday" to a "I'm hiking the Pacific Crest Trail" reality.
The hike itself is many things. Part of it is that I see it as a walking meditation, a mindfulness practice. Another part is that I'm asking for help and building community of support.

Asking for help has been a big part of the journey before the hike even started. My good friend, Bart, encouraged me from the start to recognize that the trip would be much richer, fulfilling, and meaningful if I didn't do it alone. I was hesitant at first, clinging to my "alone in the world" ways. Gradually, I found asking for help brought magic.

By supporting my vision, you can support your vision. What does it mean to receive support? What does it mean to provide support? What vision is important to me? How do I step out of my world and into a bigger community of people? How can I be more alive? How can those around me teach me about changing my quality of life?


You can support me in my vision in many ways. One of the ways is with outright money. You can donate right away by using your MasterCard or Visa through PayPal. PayPal can also take the money from your checking account. The latter method takes a little longer and requires more work on your part.

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If that's too modern for you, you can always send a check. The best way to do this is to email me at . I'll send you an address to mail a check.





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