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Follow the link to find out where I am, what I've been doing. It has a summary of my travels, journal pieces, photos, and whatever else seems appropriate. Catchup with Cupcake.

With Site

This is the place where you can get updates about this site.

Restructured and updated Catching up with Cupcake to make it easier to naviagate. Included journals for my 2003 PCT hiking.

Added page featuring my award-winning photos on the cover of the PCTA Communicator.

Added to the main Details page. It's now got a summary of my trip.

Changed the main page for the site. Made the Journal page easier to navigate.

Added a link to Tahoma and Gezelle's journal for their thru-hike in an El Niño year.

Making the site look and navigate better. Check out the completed Photos main page and the Washington photos.

There's another epilogue entry.

The epilogue to-date is up!

Go to the Photo section to see Central California, Northern California, and Oregon photos.

The People photo pages are complete. There's a summary People page with shots of a lot of people, a Groups page with lots of great shots, and then individual pages for hikers who have more than a couple of photos. I know the pages are large. I think the photos are worth it.

I added the Catching up with Cupcake page to let you know where I am and what I'm up to. It is also a big link from the top of this page. It won't be a journal, just a log.

I added a Photo System page with information about my camera, etc.

I've been making edits and additions to my journal. They are in this color unless they are minor. I am really surprised how difficult to read my early postings are. I was so tired when I was writing that my style suffered greatly early in the trip. I'm mostly adding points of clarity, adding omitted stories, and making corrections. I'd hoped to do this type of editing before I posted the journal, i.e., while in town, but I had enough to do, so they are happening now.

All the images are on the Flower Page. Now if I could just identify them all. Can you help?

In my July 19 entry, I promised to document Yogi's Peanut Butter and Potato Chip eating technique. The page is finally there.

I finished my Journal System page. See what I used for my journal and how it worked for me.
I updated links to others' journals.

September journal is up with journal photos. Next I'm working on putting photos in the rest of the site.

Manning Park.
I finished the PCT! Here's a link to the latest updates. Photos, I promise, are on the way.

Snoqualmie Pass.
I got a chance to do my last update before I finish the trail. Here's the link to the update.

Seattle Area
May not have access to laptop and a phone line until after I get off the trail. Sorry there are no journal updates at this time. If there are updates, they'll be here by 09/10/02.

08/27/02 Oregon/Washington Border
Cascade Locks.
Having a great time. Read all about it in the latest update. Photos take too much time. I know they make reading better, but you'll have to wait until after my trip. This is my penultimate update before I finish. One more in mid-Washington, then I'll be off the trail before I update it again.

Getting in some journal pages, not many photos on the site yet. Took 5 days off to relax and visit with friends.

Ashland, Oregon
I made it to Oregon. July's journal entries are completed. If you read the first part of July, use this link to get to the latest entries. We'll see how far I get with photos. Next update may be a while, Portland perhaps, although I might be able to get to a phone with my laptop sooner. Hope you are enjoying this.

We decided to go to Dunsmuir rather than Castella. Added end of June journal update, and July to-date. Photos will come later. Lots of flowers to share, but I have to get ready to get out of town. Ashland may be the next update.

Quincy, outside of Belden
No updates of photos or journal this time. Responded to the homophobic hate in one of my guestbook entries though. Apparently we are in an email dialog now. It's really hot, so the hiking may slow down.

Carson City, Nevada
Taking some time off here with Jill, Ethan, Elizabeth and Ann. Journal is updated, and here's the direct link to the latest section. Added photos to May journal, finished off the Southern California photos, and started the Central California photos. Plus I began the page with links to other PCT journals.

Tuolumne Meadows-Yosemite National Park
It has been a long time since an update. Sorry about not warning you. Look for the horizontal blue bar in the journal to indicate when I start a new update. Here's a link to the latest update. No photo updates. Not enough time. Perhaps next time.

Arrived in Agua Dulce. Lots of fun here. Check out the journal.

Arrived at Big Bear City. Waited three days (until Monday) for my resupply box, which never showed. Shopped and left.

Cinco de Mayo in Idyllwild.

Arrived at Warner Springs. Very nice.

Started hiking in Campo.



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