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For you non-hikers: Other hikers like to know what people carry. It's a great way to learn about new gear, check out others' base weight, and get down to what backpacking is about - gear! ;-)

Here's what I have in my pack:

Weight in oz
Kelty Flight pack 52.4 Body, top, full suspension, padded hip belt, pouch
WM Ultralite bag 33.4 Including silnylon stuff sack
8x10 tarp, 12 ti stakes, grnd cloth 27.3 Including mesh bag
WP/B jacket and pants 10 Propore
Sleeping pad 16.7 Thermarest Ultralight 3/4 with strap
Golite Coal jacket 17.9 Including silnylon stuff sack
Bug net 6.6 Adventure 16
Cookset 12.1 1.3L ti pot, soda can stove, pot stand, windscreen, lighter & matches
First aid kit 9.9  
Foot care kit 4.4  
Pack waterproofing 3. Trash compactor & turkey
Aqua Mira 3.4 Backup water treatment (I'm not drinking cow water!)
Silk bag liner 6.4  
Lexan spoon .3  
Tea light candle .4 Ambiance
Moonlight head lamp 4 Black Diamond
Water filter system 7.9 Safewater Anywhere inline with silt stopper. 4L top and bottom
Water bladder 2.4 extra 4L
Photos & notes 1.3  
Compass 1.4 Silva Type 3
Platy 1.8L bladder with hose 3.3  
Personal care kit 10.6  
Camp Ice Axe 12.8  
GoLite Umbrella 10.2  
Leki ti PA poles 22.  
Music/Recording 13. Minidisc, headphones, 4 minidiscs
Batteries 5.8 3 NIMH AAA, 3 alk AAA, 1 NIMH AA, 1 alk AA, 1 li-ion for camera
Palm m125 5.8 in silnylon bag with padding
Palm folding keyboard 8.8 in silnylon bag with padding
Camera 12. Nikon 885, 256MB CompactFlash card
Emergency Kit 8.3 Space blanket, tp, Cipro, sunblock, 1 esbit, 1 sm pencil, 2 fire starters, medical gloves, matches, tea candle, and a condom (for water).
333.8 20.9 lbs
Liner gloves .9  
Mini Gators 2.8  
OR Rain Mitts 1.3 Gortex
Sun hand protectors .6  
Windstopper fleece gloves 2.8 Black Diamond
Wool socks 3.5 for sleeping/warm feet
Light fleece hat 1.2  
Patagonia Velocity wind shell 5.4  
Short sleeved shirt 4.3 Patagonia Capaline/Arius
extra socks 1.9 nylon, 2 pair
Wool tights 7.5 Ibex, for sleeping & cold
Wool shirt 7.3 Ibex, for sleeping & cold
Sandals 11.1 Last years' K-Mart Explorer sandals
50.6 3.2 lbs.
Total base weight 384.4 24 lbs. -Ouch!

Here's what I wore most days:

Patagonia Arius long-sleeved shirt
Convertable pants
Patagonia hat
2 pr nylon socks
Trail running shoes

Here's what came and went during my hike:



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