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Tom, Bart and David gave me the trail name Cupcake. At first I resisted, then I realized how brilliant the name was. First: I don't eat sugar, wheat or dairy, so the antithetical aspect was amusing. Next, it's unexpected. Plus, it has great laugh value. People laugh when they hear my name. What a great thing. I also thought being named Cupcake would generate discussion about gay stereotypes, but it isn't happening...

It's also important for me to carry the name given to my by three great friends. The name reminds me of them and our love...and our day on the beach when I got my name.

Being named Cupcake led to thinking about a memorable domain for my trip. Before it was Not too bad, but not as easy to remember as

I also like the idea that the PCT is a cakewalk. I'm sure I won't think it's that amusing when I'm trudging up a hot, dry mountain and wondering why I ever thought hiking the PCT was a good idea.


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