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Many people contributed to help make my trip happen.

Larry and Bill
Larry and Bill started it off by sending me a nice check without even being asked. They've been a great support, and are happy to see me following my dreams. They also provided my voicemail during my trip.John & Bart - Happy!

Bart has been a great sounding board for forming my vision, and a great supporter. He encouraged me to start my asking campaign, and has help me form a vision without compromise.

Tom gave me lots of momentum with his challenge pledge. If I could get three other people to contribute $250, he'd match them with $250. His challenge worked. I learned a lot about supporting others in their vision. Tom's also contributed by being a good friend, providing emotional support and being my secret inspiration. Tom teaches me about living well by just living his life.

Jean jumped right in when she heard about Tom's challenge pledge. She and Tom are friends, but she didn't know Tom had put up the challenge. She did it because she wanted to help and could.

Riversong heard my request and knew it was Tom's challenge. He said, if Tom can do it, so can I. I don't know Riversong very well, but I'm sure I will in the years to come.

Wonderful was the third and final person in the challenge grant. He's an artist in Seattle. His support has meant a lot.

Daniel and Eddie
Over dinner, I asked Daniel and Eddie what they thought of me asking people for money for my vision. It was toward the beginning of my fundraising, and I was feeling a little wierd about it. They said it sounded like a reasonable thing to do. Then they turned around and gave me a generous amount. They are owners of Mud Puppy's in Richmond, CA.

Even in the midst of moving to another state and buying his first house, David was able to make a contribution to my trip. Thanks. David's also provided a lot of emotional support and encouragement over the years.

Bubbling Banana
A wonderful man named Bubbling Banana (aka Stephen) had been getting my monthly dispatches and had a check waiting for me when I next saw him. Wow.

Jim and I have known each other for a few years, but are just getting to be better friends. I'd hope to stay with him for a night in Palm Springs when I hiked past, but our schedules will not mesh.

I've been able to bounce all things technical off Kwai, and he's had an opinion and good advice. He also helped by connecting me with Damon and then bringing a load of food down from Arcata.

Shane was the perfect housemate while prepping for my trip. First, he had a room available for the exact period it needed it. Then he agreed to the rent I wanted to pay. Then he said yes to every reasonable request, like can I take up this corner of the kitchen with a big dehydrator? Even after I moved out, he and Terry have let me use the house like I still live there.

My dear little sister Samantha is such an amazing person, and I love her dearly. She and her husband Brian dug up the laptop that I'm creating this web site on and that will be in my bounce box. I'm getting all my mail sent to their place, and she's managing all that for me. Plus, she's mom to Bailey and Jack, two sweethearts.

Dad & Susan
Dad (John) and Susan thought I was doing them a favor when we arranged for me to housesit in April while they were in Ireland. It's really the other way around. Plus, they are my main support team. They'll be sending out my boxes and helping me troubleshoot issues as they come up.

Mom (Miki) contributed to the funds that bought my new digital camera. Thanks Mom. She's headed off to China this year and will be getting a new digital camera herself.

Patrick and Andrew
I love my brother Patrick. He's got a package on the way to me. I know it's got good stuff in it. They have just bought their first house too. I told them to save their money, but they insisted they wanted to help. Hoping to spend some time in Philadelphia with them when I get off the trail.

Tim and Christie
Tim and Christie, friends who run Physiosports in Monterey, made two pair of custom orthotics for my feet. They feel great and will support my feet as they walk the width of the country.

Damon used his employee buying plan to get a whole bunch of foodat a really good price. I'd just met him when the offer was extended and am thankful for his generosity.

This is a long list of contributors and it's not even complete. Making my vision a reality has been a lesson in asking for help and allowing others to help me. Thanks to everybody.



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