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 Cupcake on the trail
Cupcake Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail - 2002

During a New Years retreat where we welcomed in 2001, I decided that I would investigate hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. I quickly knew that this was the right adventure for me. On April 26, 2002, I started walking from Mexico to Canada. On September 25, 2002, I finished.

I kept a journal for others to follow along. Friends, family, strangers, and other hikers: welcome! I also kept a journal so that I would have a record of my trip

I am so glad I kept a journal.

I took photos to help my memory, to liven up this site, and help tell the tale. The landscape inspired me at times. The flowers were not modest with me, nor was I with them.

I am so glad I took lots of photos.

I did so much planning, I have to share it somewhere. Find out about lightweight gear, look at my itinerary, see who helped me and how they did it. Check out the before and after FAQs.
1/2/03: I'm still working on this section.

See what's new.

I had a great trip.

I'm glad you are here.






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