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  1. Pre-Trip 2. Kennedy Meadows to Mt. Whitney 5. Onion Valley to VVR
  3. Mt. Whiney to Onion Valley 6. VVR to Yosemite Valley
  4. Independence 7. Epilogue
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3. Mt. Whitney to Onion Valley

Whitney! I got up early and had a cold ascent of Whitney. I wanted to stay out of the sun going up, and that happened. [Whitney is the hightest mountian in the lower 48 states: 14, 492'.]
John sitting on top of Mt. Whitney
On my way down, met two swarthy, sexy older men on their way up Whitney. They had dropped pack in marmot heaven. I warned them and they came back and got their packs.
Richard & Lori Joy were at Crabtree when I got back. It was good to finally meet LJ.
We hiked on to Bighorn Plateau.
23.7 miles today. I hiked a lot because that included the elevation gain and loss for Whitney!

Someone put "Oh my god" in rocks on the trail. The 360 was gorgeous. I wish I'd photographed the rock writing.
Only part of what we were surrounded with!
It's nice hiking with Richard and Lori Joy. We got to Bullfrog Lake after coming up from Vidette Meadow (?). We are set for going over Kersarge Pass tomorrow. Have some weird blisters on my hands.
Had my scariest river crossing fall today. It was a stream that started with W. I was face down with the weight of my pack pushing my face into the stream. R & LJ were out of earshot downstream, having elected to get wet. I was acutely aware of the danger as my body fell and my face approached the water. Only 1/4 of my head actually dipped in the water before I controlled the weight of my pack. A lot flashed before my eyes, and the resounding answer was, "I'm not going to let this happen." I got some fear strength.
14.5 miles today, but I suspect the mileage is off. It felt longer.

R, LJ and I hiked to Onion Valley after an early start. It was more elevation gain getting to Kersarge than I remember. LJ had stashed their food in a single, light Bearikade bear canister in Onion Valley before they set out. I was going to Independence for my first town day. We stashed stuff that we didn't need to take up or down Kersarge just off the trail.

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