John's Continental Divide Trail Hike

Sponsors: Companies that helped out

The following is a list of companies that one way or another shared my vision and supported my trip. Some donated their products, others offered goods at cost. Behind the companies are nice, friendly people making healthy food.

Fabe's Natural Gourmet lettering

Fabe's Fruit Juice Sweetened lettering
Fabe's Natural Logo
Fabe's Natural Gourmet provided their great Raw Bars and Mini-Macaroons for the trip. These folks are great!! I buy their stuff at Wild Oats, but other places carry them too.
Omega Smart logo
Omega Smart, Inc. was more than generous, providing me with many of their healthy Omega Smart Bars. These organic bars will be my between-meal meals. They have lots of nutrition, a low gycemic index, and are wheat-free, vegan, and lots of other good stuff like antioxidants, soy isoflavones, and flaxseed.
Kashi Logo
Kashi, Inc. makes a lot of products. Their Seven in the Morning cereal is perfect for me. It's not too sweet, and made with seven grains. Also, it's very compact: perfect for backpacking. I get lots of nutrition and lots of crunch.

Betty Lou's Logo Betty Lou's put together a good order for me, some of it donated.
Calbee's Logo
Calbee's makes Snapea Crisps, which you can find in Trader Joe's and Wild Oats. They are snacks that are made with nutritious snap peas. Yummy!
larabar logo
Lara Bars are simply the best bars out there. They are raw, healthy and sweetend with fruit. Plus, the flavors are amazing: Apple Pie, Banana Cookie, and Cashew Cookie are what I'll be taking along with me. This is another great company with great people.

Sunridge Farms logo
Sunridge Farms came through again with good prices on their extensive offerings of whole healthy food.

Wallaby USA's Logo
Wallaby USA
Deb at Wallaby USA sent me 108 Wallaby Bars so I could enjoy high-protien, low sugar power snacks on the trail. I mostly ate:
Cashew & Sesame Bars Macadamia and Cashew Bars
Image of Macadamia & Cashew Bar Image of Cashew & Sesame Bar

Fish Brothers' Logo
Fish Brothers sold me their sugar-free, chemical free salmon jerkey for a good price. Yum.
Gopal's provided great food at wholesale prices. I really like their Power Wraps for a yummy savory snack that slips into a pocket.



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