John's Continental Divide Trail Hike

John's CDT Journal for 2004

My journal this hike will be posting directly from email using Blogger. Details are below.

Here's my Journal for 2004. (2006 journal here.)

Journal System

My journal system is simple and yet high-tech. There are two parts: How I write the journal and how the journal gets onto the Web.

The Hardware Palm m125 in hand

Palm's Ultra-thin Keyboard OpeningI have a Palm m125. It's no longer made, but it's the last model that has replaceable AAA batteries. You can still find the m125 on the Web, but if I were starting from scratch, I'd develop a solar charging solution and get a newer Palm handheld.
Today (10/04). I'd get a Tungsten T5 with a wireless keyboard and solar charger. It's a Palm, expandable MP3 player, USB mass-storage device and more. Want to thank me for this advice? Contact me if you buy a Palm. Palm will give me a reward.

I use a Palm Folding Keyboard. The Ultra-thin is small and light, but a little delicate.

I carry the keyboard and Palm in a silnylon bag with closed-cell foam padding.

For PocketMail, I use the PocketMail BackFlip for Palm, which attaches to my Palm and has a coupling modem. Whenever I get to a phone, I attach the BackFlip to my Palm and send & receive email. I bought a Palm III to Palm Universal Connector Adaptor from PocketMail, and it works fine.

The Software
I have a PocketMail account to send email, and I'm using a new feature of Blogger, which allows me to post directly to my journal via email. I have a special email address at Blogger for automatic posts. Pretty cool, and, as of 10/04, it's free.

From Blogger, Andrea will spell check, edit, and correct my entries. When I'm at a computer with Web access, I can edit and add photos to make it a little more lively.

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