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Monday, May 31, 2004
Weed, CA
Went up to my Dad's new place in Weed, near Mt. Shasta, for a few days.
View from Dad & Susan's living room.

We celebrated his wife's birthday... and mine.
Sunday, May 23, 2004
Should I Be Crazed?
I leave Tucson Wednesday morning, yet I'm feeling peaceful. Everything seems under control.
When Does the Journey Begin?
I’'ve been wondering when the journey begins. Certainly the hike has started
when I'm hiking, but the journey's bigger than the hike. I'’ve had several
events, like my last day at Café Terra Cotta, when I've felt, “"It’s getting
closer,"” but it didn'’t feel like the beginning. Tonight driving home from Fenton's, I
truly felt the journey had started.

Tonight was my going away party.

Rusty and Toby had graciously and generously offered to host my going away party,
which ballooned into a party for several people leaving and having birthdays. The many-celebrations-in-
one-party made my going away party even more appealing.

Then I got word that Rusty had broken his leg and was in the hospital. It
seems that Arizona's Fireman of the Year responded to Rusty's bike accident
AND it was day that the press was traveling with the Fireman of the Year,
AND the photo at Rusty's accident site was the one that made it on the cover
of the local paper covering the honored fireman, AND, even though Rusty is
not identifiable, his partner Toby was. That led to Fenton calling Toby to
find the news, then Fenton being asked to relay it to me.

Needless to say, the party sat in limbo for a few days while Rusty had
surgery and endured hospitalization. On Thursday, he returned home, and
knew that he was in no shape to throw a party. Fenton called to let me know
that the formerly-combined parties were to be riven, and offered his home as
the site for my part of the party even though he was headed out the next
morning on a 3-month trip road trip.

I'm actually grateful for Rusty and Toby's invitation to have a party. If
I'd contemplated throwing my own going away party, I would have immediately
said no. Yet I pulled it together with little effort and a bit of time, and
enjoyed the small outdoor get together. Food, drinks, music, candlelight
and friends combined with a wonderfully warm evening to make my going away

Rusty (who was sadly and understandably not there) had asked that I bring my
pack & gear to show off at the party. I brought my mostly packed pack to
the party at the new location, and much to my surprise, most everyone
enjoyed my show and tell. Some of my gear, like my new sleeping bag, are
exciting for me, but the rest of the pieces feels like old hat. I will say
that how the pieces both old and new come together as stronger systems is
also exciting to me. As always, the Palm folding keyboard got the most
attention and wows. (It's hard to get non-lightweight backpackers excited
about an 8.3 ounce waterproof/breathable rain jacket with hood. To them it
just looks like another jacket, not the stellar (in terms of the performance
in relation to its light weight) piece of gear that is my 2004 Montane

So, as I was driving the short distance home from Fenton's, I finally got the feeling
that my journey had started. Although I have a few more days here in Tucson, the
party was goodbye to Tucson.

Of course, the journey began a long time ago. Perhaps I'll visit that in
another post. It's late, and my 9:30AM meeting with the local queer
Buddhist meditation group will come quickly.
Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Working on a Better Image

A face
Sunday, May 09, 2004
A Long-overdue Update.
I gave notice at Cafe Terra Cotta. It's a great restaunt job. I worked today, Mother's Day, which was a lot of work and perhaps worth it.
I got my new sleeping bag! It's a 20-degree down bag that weighs 22 ounces.

Here in Tucson, living with David has turned for the better once again. It was bad for a while, mostly due to my moodiness of late. David's townhouse is in a place that has a pool and spa. I'm by the pool now relaxing and beating the heat. Soon, it will be impossible to beat the heat while being outside in Tucson.

Looking forward to my time in the Bay Area. I had to pass up on a fun rafting trip because time is too tight. The little boy in me wishes I could do everything all at once. The adult knows I have to stay focused. I have a lot to do, but I'm pretty sure everything will work out.

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