John's CDT
Thursday, May 01, 2003
Why the Continental Divide?
I'm hooked on long distance hiking, or more accurately, thru-hiking. It's a great way to live. My five months on the PCT were fun and hard. I know now that I wasn't having full-time fun, but what I ask myself is what part of life is full-time fun? I know I want to have more fun on the CDT. Fun is feeling happy, being content with life and circumstances, and not being caught up in the Monkey Mind.

I am committed to not letting the CDT become a grind. I know I'll see see hard days, cold and wet days, and hard hitches. I also know I'll see things that I can hardly imagine. I long to be up high, moving through the landscape. I long to in my bag in some grand open space hunkered low to avoid the wind. I long to cross a new stream, to look ahead and wonder where I'll be hiking next, to be cooking my dinner in the late afternoon. I want to live outside again.

People were a big part of the PCT. So few people hike the CDT, I can't expect the wild parade of characters. I'll hook up with people, and them with me, and we'll form alliances until circumstances have us split.

There's an amazing feeling to be in a new landscape, in a place I've never set foot in before, a place where the ground feels the same as many past steps, the flowers, grasses, and bushes are familiar, the wind feels like it never left, and yet it's so exciting in its newness.

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