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Friday, October 15, 2004
It's Time to Close the Windows

I'm enjoying Iowa. Fall is here. The temperatures feel all over the place, but have been dropping. The rain's now a cold rain. The trees are turning, falling, coloring the landscape with unimaginable yellows and reds. It's surreal for this California boy to walk across fallen crimson leaves. The boundaries between sidewalk and lawns, between walkways and brown flower beds is indefinite in a visually relieving way. The leaves make it feel more like nature and less like urban. The color makes it feel more like fantasy and less like real life.
Then a car zooms by.
I've been filling my days doing what needs to be done, trying to not spend money. I'm carrying Tom's UI ID to have the advantages of being a student, like checking out DVDs from the library. I have access to the campus wireless internet access on my laptop. I set up my 'office' on most days. My table in the student union has a view of a bridge over the Iowa River. I'm in a secluded, very quiet dining room. It's heaven.

Spending time with Tom has been lovely. I'm aware that he's very busy with school. So, I've become his housfrau, cooking meals for us, doing some of the cleanning and laundry, and generally doing chores that take time, like grocery shopping. I'm doing it so that he can spend that time with me hanging out, not keeping house. It's nice to have the time to do it.

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