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Monday, October 04, 2004
Downtime in Denver

We took the dogs for a walk through the National Forest near the condo. The labs got in the water every chance they could. They knew the routine and would run ahead to the next pond. Lots of fun.
We made our way to Denver in the afternoon and Linda's house there.
I am very comfortable here.
I went into the Gill Foundation with Linda one morning. She works with them. They have been a steady supporter of Outright Radio, which I work with. I met with our grant officers and the new CEO, Rodger McFarlane, a gay past Eco-Challenge and Ironman winner.

Linda's been great to hang around with. I cooked a couple of nights, and each night we've enjoyed sittting down to dinner to talk. I've also joined her on some of her evening dog walks.
I have the days to myself, and the dogs keep me company.
Linda and I went to see Sky Captian on Friday. Once I got enough of the look, I'd had enough of the movie.
I've had a few tinges about leaving the trail, especially when the weather's nice in Denver. It has rained here too, which means snow on the trail, and I'm happy to have no part of that on-going challenge.
Support from family & friends has been great. My mother's relieved that I'm off the trail and others are looking forward to seeing me.
I've decided to take the time that I would have been on the trail and do some budget travel.
I'm using some miles to fly to Des Moines, Iowa, then getting to Iowa City where I'll visit Tommy, who's getting his MFA in Choreography. I really enjoyed visitors when I was in grad school.
Then, I'll get to Chicago where I'll get to see Johnny Thunder who's getting an advanced degree (MS? PhD?) in Sociology. From there, I fly to Philadelphia to visit my brother, his sort-of ex, and my cousin.
In early November, I fly to LA, where I'll do some computer consulting.
I need to get from LA to Monterey in mid-November. If anyone can offer a ride, let me know. I pick up my car to begin a Bay Area visit, including Napa for Thanksgiving. Tucson is my final destination.

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