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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Denver to Iowa City

I had an early morning to get to Denver International via public transportation in time for my flight. I didn't have a moment to spare. The first bus pulled up as I was walking toward the stop. The bus to the airport seemed to take a long time to get there. I was chosen for a special security screening, which took a long time. The flight was already boarded when I got on.
I'm glad everything went smoothly, but it was a little tight for my comfort.

Oh, and my checked luggage was selected to be X-rayed, so I had an extra step there.
I checked my laptop, which is in a padded laptop shipping container. I knew it was a mistake, but didn't know the reason until I saw it on the belt at baggage check. The Transportation Security Agency cut through the side and bottom of the box to inspect it, then just wrapped it up in tape. Nothing was lost or damaged, except the box. It pissed me off though.
My hour and a half of hitching at Des Moines airport (while waiting for the local bus) was fruitless, so I caught the bus to as close as it got to the Greyhound station and walked the rest of the way. I had too much stuff to be able to absorb much about Des Moines. I spent a few hours at the Greyhound station, making calls and doing email.
The bus ride is a blur, other than the front of the not-crowded bus sounded like a 1910 London Tuberculosis clinic, the back sounded like a quiet day-care center, and the young man across the aisle kept on telling the person on the other end of his cell phone that he was 18 and going to take care of himself. He was on his way to Chicago and didn’t need anyone’s help.
The landscape was full of tan, dry corn with an occasional harvester mowing it down.
My maternal grandmother was born in Iowa, but I don't even know where. That's as close to Iowa as I can get tonight.
From the Iowa City Greyhound depot, I walked seven or so blocks to Tommy's house. He's got a performance or rehearsal tonight, so I grabbed pizza for dinner. Pagliai's has been here for a long time. It's the type of place that is loath to change, but is very clean, popular, and well-run. It has black Naugahyde booth seating and shiny stainless steel pizza ovens.

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