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Sunday, September 05, 2004
Zero Number Eleven: Rawlins

The people in the neighboring room were taken away by the police last night. One of the guys sounded too high on drugs to stand up, let alone talk.

Cappy's was on the menu for breakfast. When I walked in, I saw Tim and Andrea and joined them. Andrea was celebrating a birthday. They had healthy appetites too.

My Tucson doctor came through big time. I called from South Pass City to get a prescription for my toe. My doctor even found a pharmacy that took my insurance. Thanks Dr. Moynahan!

I built my day around a walk to the east side, taking the route that would let me pass all the closed businesses I wanted to visit. My first stop on the east side was Pamidas, a strange collection of stuff, like a small-town Target. I got new headphones, ending my music-less stretch. City Market was next. I got my prescription and lots of fresh produce. I'm here until Tuesday; I might as well make the best of it.

I caught a cab back to the hotel and proceeded to make a HUGE salad. My first step in making the salad was finding a salad bowl. The Family Dollar store across the street provided the perfect bowl for, yes, a dollar. The bowl is now part of my bounce box. This salad had a half a pound of turkey, a whole packet of Earthbound Farms greens, a tomato, cucumber, ear of corn, avocado, baby carrots, red bell pepper and a quarter pound of feta. It was fantastic. I dressed it with Annie's Goddess dressing. I rented two DVDs for entertainment.
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