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Sunday, September 12, 2004
What About Compassion?

With all my rants and irritation about the elk hunters, I've had to ask myself about my falling star wish not to long ago: to have more compassion. I do have compassion for these men. They live in a culture that eschews fraternal intimacy between men. The outdoors, elk hunting in this example, provides one of the exceptions. This camp that I saw this morning probably had ten men sharing two large tents. They were cooking together and doing everything else related to survival together. Take away the elk hunting, and it might be mistaken for playing house, a completely unacceptable activity.

I'm sure these men are having a great time, getting to know each other better.
Why some elk has to die for it, I don't know. I'm thinking it would be interesting to interview a gay elk hunter. If anyone knows one, let me know.

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