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Thursday, September 09, 2004
Say Goodbye to All That

I stepped into a forest today. I had soft soil under my feet. Water flowed clear every few miles. I'm overjoyed to be done with the arid parts of Wyoming. Hiking through them seems like a bad nap; did it go on forever? When did it start? Did I exist before today?

It's as if I forgot how to hike, I've been road walking for so long. I haven't enjoyed the shade of trees since the day after I walked out of Cirque of the Towers. I'm camped at a vista point on the trail on highway 70. I got here too late to not-hitch into Encampment. No cars are making their way east. Three westward cars have passed, and I can follow their brake light down the mountains for miles. I can also see that no headlamps are coming this way. So I decided to camp here. The moon is not yet up so the stars are brilliant and overwhelming. I'd rather sleep out under the stars than spend more money on another hotel room.
As long as I can get a ride for the 15 miles to Encampment early in the morning, I'll be happy. And not in the back of a police car...

Saw lots of antelope this morning, more sage grouse, some regular grouse, and that's about it.

Leapfrogged with Apple Pie and Spur today. They got ahead when I stopped for dinner. I can't hike without fuel. It seems they got a ride into town. Oh well...
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