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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
Run Wild

I saw several small herds of antelope today. They are so beautiful. Too bad they run from me when I get too close, which is to say when I'm still pretty far away. Personally, I'd guess the distance is the killing distance of a rifle. I even saw young antelope running with the herd. Spur pointed out that there's always just one male in a herd, and he's always the one that's lagging behind the herd.

Spur's been using his monocular more than I. I had noticed that there is always one who is deliberately behind the rest. I just thought they drew straws at the beginning of each day, or perhaps had a rotation schedule pinned on the refrigerator. It's pretty obvious that the laggard is meant as the sacrifice, and it makes sense that it would be the one adult male. He's easily replaced. How so? The other way I see antelope are singles or pairs of mature males. I guess they are just biding their time, waiting for a laggard to succumb, or for some young females to leave a herd. It's all very interesting, and I wish they wouldn't run away from me.

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