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Tuesday, September 07, 2004
Leaving Rawlins

I slept 'till 9AM. I must have needed rest. I had intended on getting up and getting to the huge list of chores that had to be put off until the Labor Day weekend was over.

First thing was upgrading the file recovery software from the disabled Demo version to the real version. I needed to get some erased images off one of the cards for my camera. They could only offer me an email link to download the full version, not a key to unlock a full version. That was another task for the library, and presented the technology challenge of a simple file transfer on a public computer.

Walking up at 9 also meant that checkout time was fast approaching. I had a lot to do. I downsized my bounce box by pulling out the portable CD burner and related items. I'd need that once I recovered the deleted images, and the bounce box, along with three other boxes, was slated to go out during my first trip to the post office.

Next call was to Vasque. The Vasques I bought in Jackson less than a month ago have gaping holes in the sides. I can't replace them here in Rawlins, so I have to keep wearing them, but I want to be done with them as soon as possible. They came up with a potentially perfect solution. We'll see if it works when I get to Encampment.

I packed and taped and stuffed my way out of the room, arranged to leave my pack in the hotel's service room, and called for a cab to take Spur, Apple Pie, and my boxes to the PO at 11:30. I finished up that PO business pretty quickly and walked, with laptop in box and another small box of stuff in hand, to Rose's Lariat for the best Mexican food since East Glacier. Truth be told, it was the only Mexican food since East Glacier.

My skipped breakfast and with my on-time lunch taken care of, I headed with my boxes to the Carbon County Library.

It was a great library with a very helpful, accommodating staff. The tech person logged my computer out of lockdown mode and logged it into exec mode so that I could do my various file downloads and have access to Windows Explorer. After more than an hour, I went into a small room with lots of outlets, brought in a small table and got to work on my laptop. I recovered my photos (yea!), burned CDs of them, and mailed the CDs off on my second trip to PO. One copy goes to my Dad's wife, Susan, who does some editing, then posts them. The other copy goes to my Mom, who's serving as archivist. I sent my laptop and CD burner on to Steamboat Springs during that second PO trip too.

Almost empty handed at this point, I headed back to the hotel to retrieve my pack. It was 5 at that point, and I couldn't leave town without having dinner, so I headed to Cappy's for a dull roast turkey special.

I was feeling bad about not having gotten many journal entries posted, so I worked on finishing the entries and sending them. By the time I finished that, it was 7, a little late to be leaving town. But I left town anyway. I had to.
I'm now camped about 4 miles out of town between Wyoming Highway 71 and a barbed wire fence. I can hear the trains' whistles as they pass through town from here.

I'm antsy to keep this hike moving.
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