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Saturday, September 11, 2004
Enter Compulsions

The tread today in Colorado was open to everything but 747s and cruise ships over 200' long.

As I struggled up a hill littered with loose rocks and ruts created by motorcycles, ATVs, jeeps, pickup trucks, and SUVs, I came to a long-anticipated water source. Jonathan says it marks the spot where south-bounders can stop worrying about water for a while. To my right were deep muddy rocky ruts created by the mechanical menagerie. To my left was a less rutted, less muddy route. It was clearly the route drivers were taking. I chose to walk it, and as I approached, I was first a little confused, then dumbfounded.

The path was through the spring itself. Fresh motorcycle tracks traced a path right through the source basin.

Cows are so stupid, I can understand why we need to fence off springs to protect them from bovine fouling, but this was humans riding through a spring. The mechanical menagerie had been bumming my high all day, but this was the last straw.

I spent more than an hour moving rocks, boulders, and branches to make the route through the spring unpassable. At first, I thought I'd just do a little, but I couldn't let it be. I wanted it to be clear that this was no longer a route. The machines created the muddy ruts. They can ride through it.

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