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Sunday, September 12, 2004
Commuting Hunters

Last night after I finished journaling, two or three ATVs came northbound down the trail. Darkness had been on the mountainside for more than an hour as the headlamps bumped their way down the hill toward me. Not knowing who was driving or how drunk they might be (it is Saturday night), I found my photon light and turned it on. Although I was camped off the trail, who knows where these ATV people might drive.

The first driver stopped and asked if everything was OK. I said I was just trying to get to sleep. I think he couldn't believe that someone tucked in the trees in a sleeping bag far from water could be OK. His camp had everything two giant pickup trucks with trailers could bring. I really have to wonder what the point of hauling everything into nature is.

I could hear their ATV engines for the next 15 minutes as they drove to camp.
Then the generator came on. Although it was distant, the noise was foreign to my ears.

The generator stayed on all night. The same ATVers were back at 6:30 AM off for another day of hunting.

I'm thinking a campaign with the slogan, "Elk hunting is so gay" might make some inroads to reducing the number of elk hunters.

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