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Sunday, September 19, 2004
Colorado and I

I had such high expectations of Colorado, I was bound to be disappointed. So far, sometimes Colorado's been awful and sometimes it's good. Today, I've been particularly assaulted by Colorado's less enjoyable aspects. On the CDT this morning, I've seen one SUV, six ATVs, and ten motorcycles/dirt bikes. The trail for one section actually seemed like it was designed a dirt bike track. And the dirt bikers were doing their best to tear it up, creating berms, cutting new tracks through the forest, and deepening the ruts they created.

It's strange that the Forest Service posts signs letting visitors know that they should be quiet in the wilderness for the enjoyment of the wilderness and follow leave no trace principles, then allows dirt bikes and ATVs, whose engines are noisy, and whose use creates both visual noise in the form of torn up landscape and sub-standard emissions.

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