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Saturday, September 11, 2004
Breakfast in Wyoming, Lunch in Colorado

I entered Colorado and promptly had lunch. I was excited to be in a new state and, more palpably, glad to be done with Wyoming. The only thing of note about the morning is that I woke up with lots of frost on my bag, a first for this trip.

My positive preconceived notions about Colorado evaporated during the afternoon. The only person out of the many that I saw touching the ground was a boy of seven or so who was playing with a fire he'd built under a tree. Behind him were a large RV, two vehicles, a running generator, and a trailer for hauling ATVs. The rest of the people were part of the mechanical menagerie. Nine ATVs, one motorcycle, and three pickups were all on the CDT out for some Saturday fun.

Half the ATVers were hunters ready to have a dripping dead elk hanging off the back, thus the rule: only one person per ATV.

I know these people have a different vision of nature that I do, but I find it really hard to be accepting. It's a flaw I acknowledge and embrace. I can get all the vehicles, noise, and exhaust I want almost any other place in the US. Why have it on the CDT? Did people not hunt elk before ATVs? What did they do then? Why not use helicopters to hunt and haul?

The day itself was lovely; warm and not too windy. The tread, despite its abused state, was on or near the Divide most of the day.

I'm camped pretty high up surrounded by four large trees. I'm sleeping on duff for the first time in a long time.

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