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Monday, September 27, 2004
A Better Bed Than My Hotel Budget Allows

Sleeping last night in Linda's guest bed was SO comfortable. Many of you who know me well know that I keep a comfortable bed. I like a cozy, luxurious sleeping experience. The guest bed at Linda's was beyond comfortable.
Maybe it could be that I also have been sleeping on the land for the past few months, and when on a bed, it was a cheap hotel bed with poly-blend sheets, icky blankets, and even worse bedspreads. I had thick flanel sheets, down on top of me, and four nice down pillows.

We went out to breakfast which was yummy, then to the post office. I had lots of boxes, as I expected. I also learned that Spur and Apple Pie had not yet arrived in Silverthorne. I guess it has been slow going for their alternate route too.

Later Linda dropped me at a pay phone while she took the dogs for a hike. I had lots of calls to make.
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