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Sunday, September 19, 2004
Another Day on the Divide

The night brought a little rain, the type of rain that, had I continued sleeping out, would have caused me to think about getting inside, but never would have motivated me to actually do it. Still, I was comfortable in my tent with the door open. My hiking in the morning soon lead to multiple encounters with the mechanical menagerie and the related ruts, cuts, and rocks in the trail.

The CDT finally led me to trail, and up to Bowen? Pass in the Never Summers. At the pass, I had a choice between a red route and a purple route. Because of the rain and the unknown lightning threat, I reluctantly passed on Divide walk.

Minutes into Never Summer Wilderness, the rain began. As I was leaving, I hiked into the sun on the Divide. It was never summer in the Never Summers.

Today, I heard some lyrics on a song that I'd recently loaded. Although I'd heard the song before, the lyrics never really clicked. I guess they were waiting for the right time. The band is The The and the lyric are from the song Phantom Walls:
And all the while that you were waiting for love to keep the life from waning/ it's pain that stops the heart from hating/ that cures the mind of hesitating/ that helps the soul in separating from everything that it's been blaming.

That's exactly where I'm at, trying to find that place where the anger/pain moves me to a better place. I guess I'm going to sleep with cold toes.

Stopping at 7:30 there's, lots of time to do stuff.

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